Website Management & Support

for Small Business


The Virtual Webmaster

  • Manage your website keeping it secure and running smoothly
  • Support when you need it ( Pay-As-You-Go )
  • Access to a network of internet professionals & specialists
  • Independent advice based on what is best for your business

The Help you have been waiting for…

  • Protect your data and personal privacy
  • Accept digital currencies including privacy coins
  • Reduce contact by conducting more of your business Virtually
  • Evaluate open source and decentralised alternatives to Big Tech

We specialise in Website Management & Support for Small Business

While most seem focused on trying to sell you the next killer website or an SEO package to put you on first page of Google…

We are ready to clean up any mess left behind by others and then our Website Management can maintain your website ensuring it’s kept secure, up-to-date and running smoothly.

Is Your Website Ready for today’s Information Superhighway?

Don’t let your business get left behind in the race to new online business opportunities

Virtual Webmaster Blockchain city
Your website is the vehicle for your business on the information superhighway, and like your car, your website needs regular maintenance and a good mechanic to ensure its operational integrity and peak performance.


We provide three services complete management and support of your website and online presence.



Virtual Website Management will keep your website running smoothly.

Our Website Management team use all the latest management tools and support systems to secure and monitor your website, but when it comes to actually updating your website, they are hands-on because the automation tools are not yet perfect. If something does go wrong your virtual Webmaster is able to fix it immediately or roll back the update until a solution is found and implemented.



Virtual Website Support is a new and better way to get help with your website!

Virtual Website Support is a fully managed Pay-As-You-Go service that gives you access to a large network of internet professionals and specialists when you need them. All work is managed from start to finish by your Personal Website Manager. Your Website Manager will find the resources you need from our trusted network and supervise all work to ensure that your instructions are understood and being followed, then check all completed work before submitting it for your approval

We proudly support and promote Free and Open Source Software solutions when available.