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Website Management & Support For Small Business

A New And Better Way To Get Help With Your Website!

The way we do business has fundamentally changed with more being done online than ever before. More people are working remotely especially in the area of support. The Virtual Webmaster is a new decentralised support network that gives you access to thousands of Internet professionals and specialists all working from home.

All Work Supervised And Checked For You

What makes The Virtual Webmaster unique is that we find the resources you need through our trusted network and your personal Website Manager will then supervise all work to ensure that your instructions are understood and are being followed, when work is completed it will be first checked before being submitted for your approval

We Specialise In Providing Internet Support To Small Business

Most other companies offer Website Management and Support as an add-on to their business and are not set up to provide internet support to small business. The main focus of most out there seems to be selling new websites or SEO packages.

We don’t want to develop your next killer website
We don’t want to sell you SEO to put you on the front page of Google.

We can assist you with web development and SEO but this is not our focus. The Virtual Webmaster specialises in providing Website Management and Support to small business. We understand the needs of small business, especially in these rapidly changing times,

NO JOB TOO BIG – NO JOB TOO SMALL – We designed our services to be scalable and flexible. You can put together a team for your next big project or get that small thing fixed with our 15-minute work minimum block.

NO MINIMAL MONTHLY COMMITMENT – We believe people should be free to change their support arrangement if it’s not working. We have no contracts with minimal monthly usage. Our service is Pay-As-You-Go and can be used on a casual basis when you need it.

NO BILL SHOCK – We also help you stay in control and avoid bill shock with default one hour caps on all new work requests. The Website Manager will provide a progress report with a revised estimate for the request which you need to approve before work is recommenced. You can change the default to whatever you want and schedule progress reports for when you want them.

EASY PROJECT BUDGETING – You can create projects with Virtual Wallets to allocate and track budgets. If you don’t need to create projects then the default project wallet will be used for everything.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Your Website Manager will fully manage all work requests from start to finish. Our interactive Work Request system enables you to view the history and track the progress of all your work requests. Our online time-sheets allow you to see what your Virtual Webmasters and Web Assistants are currently working on.

TRANSPARENCY – We may provide a referral or affiliate link for a product or service we recommend either because we use it ourselves or have experience with it. WE WILL ALWAYS FULLY DISCLOSE THIS.

SECURITY & PERSONAL PRIVACY – These are our priority and they should be yours also. We have strict processors and policies for security and personal privacy that everyone working for The Virtual Webmaster must understand and adhere to. We can help protect your business against all online threats even including spying by Big Tech and Big Brother.

REGISTERED AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS – Feel confident knowing you are dealing with an Australian registered business established in 2017. All payments are made directly to us and only released to virtual support workers after you have approved the completed work. ABN 48706837139

There are a lot of things you don’t really need a full webmaster for which is why we created Web Assistants. Many can do basic website updates, manage social media, create and edit graphics, provide virtual receptionist services and much more at half the price!.

We can manage most business websites for $200 per month

Our Web Assistants can complete tasks under our supervision from just $12.50

Our Virtual Webmasters can update and fix Websites under our supervision from just $25

Our flexible 15-minute minimum charge for all our Virtual Workers makes it feasible to get those little things attended to

Virtual Website Manager
AKA The Virtual Web Man

and ask your personal Website Manager about your internet strategy, adopting new technologies, security and personal privacy, disaster recovery plans, accepting cryptocurrency and much more.

Website Management And Support For Small Business

A new and better way to get help for your website

We proudly support and promote Free and Open Source Software solutions when available.