Your Own Managed Virtual Webmaster 

The Virtual Webmaster - Website Support and Management

Webmaster-On-Demand is a highly cost effective Pay-As-You-Go service that provides you with access to professional webmaster services as you need them.

We Want To Be Your Website Guy

Have you ever wished you could have your own website guy that would be on call without having to pay a retainer?

Someone that you can actually communicate in plain English (because you don't speak Geek), and is familiar with your site and understands the needs of your business.

That is what we provide and we look to build long term relationships and become your trusted partner in supporting your website and online presence.. 

Fixes and Updates From Only $15

Stop paying your developer a fortune to have even the simplest thing fixed or changed on your website.

With Webmaster-On-Demand you can get something simple fixed or updated on your website for as little as $15 with our flexible Time Allocation.


Our smart systems keep track of everything and can provide an online dynamic timesheet that shows what your webmaster has working on up to the current time. 

Fully Managed Support Team

Your Webmaster is part of a fully managed support team at your disposal that gives you access to Web Assistants, Developers, Product Specialists,  Graphic Designers, Content Writers,  Social Media Managers, Marketing Managers and many more.

You are backed up by the Virtual Webmaster network

Should your Webmaster be unavailable for any reason or they do not have a required skill set, your appointed Website manager will find the resource you need.

How To Get Started

​​​​Purchase Time Credits - To get your own Virtual Webmaster simply pre-pay a minimum of five support hours and these will become time credits in our system. As you use these time credits on different projects and tasks they are deducted from the balance.

Pay As You Go - Your payment is held in a special account and only used to pay for services provided once you have accepted a request as complete.  Just top up your account when you need to.

Credits Are Transferable You can transfer credits between projects and even convert them to Webmaster-On-Demand credits. You can do all this yourself using the control panel in the members or ask your Webmaster Manager to do it for you.


​Professional Webmaster Services When You Need Them!

Website Fixes and Updates

for as little as $15

Based on the standard hourly rate of $59

Scroll down for a list of what is included.

Webmaster-On-Demand Service Includes:


Your Website Manager will review and monitor every work request to ensure it is completed to your satisfaction.


If you have a custom system and process we can arrange for your Webmaster to be trained in using it.

Real Time Reporting 

Dynamic online time sheets allow you to see what your Webmaster is doing in real time.

Request Tracking

All work requests are submitted and tracked by our ticketing system ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Scheduled Tasks

Tasks that are recurring or need to be done at a specific time can be scheduled.

Project Budgets

Easily to set up projects allow you to seperate work and control expenditure allocation for different cost centers.

Flexible Time Allocation

Each request has a minimum of 15 minutes but you can combine multiple smaller tasks into a single work request.

Request Cap

By default every new request has a one hour cap to protect against budget blowout and bill shock. 

Webmaster Backup

If your Webmaster is unavailable for any reason, your Website Manager will allocate another to your work request.

Resource Network

Your Webmaster is backed up by our network of highly skilled professionals including many product specialists. 

Scope and limitations of our Webmaster-On-Demand Service

Our stranded hourly WOD rate is $59 per hour.
The discounted rate of $50 per hour is available when purchasing 40 or more WOD prepaid hours.

Hours never expire and can be transferred between projects.

Any unused hours can be refunded.

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