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Page display problems look Unprofessional

If you are like most Website owners there are a few little things you want to be changed on your website. These include things you did not notice when you signed off on the website and other things that have broken or changed since.  

Getting a few small things changed should be easy to arrange and not send the bank account into overdraft, but many developers want to turn such requests into a major project and charge accordingly.

Now you can get all those annoying little things that have been bugging you fixed with this flexible catchall service.

Visible mistakes or errors on your page do not inspire confidence to do business with you.

And they can cost you your Business

Finally, an easy and affordable way to get all those annoying and unsightly little things fixed on your website.

Simply provide the Virtual Webmaster with a list in order of priority and we will get to work.  

We allow two hours for the Website Display Problems services and can get a lot done in two hours. 

Website General Clean-up

Fix Website Display & Other Problems

The Virtual Webmaster can fix all those annoying page display issues!

Only $159

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Website Display Problems Service is part of our FULL Website Tune-up & Service.

Website Tune-Up & Service Bundle

This FULL service will get your website ready for todays Information Super Highway

SSL Installation and configuration
Website General Clean-up




ONLY $495

Book your website in for our FULL tune-up and service now!

Types of Website Display Problems Included:

Minor Updates/changes

Product and service descriptions, prices changes, phone numbers, addresses, people and positions...

Error Messages

There is nothing worse than an error messages displayed on your pages. We will identify the cause and fix anything minor.

Spelling / Grammar

Get all those embarrassing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors fixed.

Mobile Responsive

Occasionally elements on a page can break responsive design and cause display problems on mobile devices.

Fix / Update Images

Broken, inappropriate and out-of-date images are a major turn-off to visitors.

Text Size/Font

Text on your pages that is too large or too small, or a font that does not look right.

General Formatting

Most page formatting issues are caused by simple mistakes in HTML/CSS coding.

Navigation Changes

Get a link added or changed on the menu system, button or behind any text or image on a page.

Scope and limitations of our Website Display Problems Service

We will perform a full backup before commencement which we will hold for roll back/recovery contingency.

This service is limited to two hours of work.  There may be some issues that require a lot more work and outside the scope of this service,
We will review the list you provide and advise you of any such issues.

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