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Who Managers your Website?

The fact is that most businesses do not regularly perform even basic maintenance on their website. Many assume that everything is being taken care of by their web developer or host. This is usually not the case and unless you have your own webmaster, it is highly unlikely that anyone is attending to all required maintenance including critical security updates.


and who checks your backups?

Even if someone was attending to the basic maintenance, few take the time to check the backups. Research from Avast found that 60% of backups are incomplete and even more concerning is that 50% of restores fail. Our own experience when assisting businesses in restoring their websites supports these findings.

Malware, hackers, natural disasters and hardware failure can all destroy your website in a few seconds. Without ensuring you have reliable backups and a disaster recovery plan you are virtually playing Russian roulette with your business.

The Real Cost of Website Recovery

The real cost of recovering after a website has been hacked or compromised will be much greater than the cost of having a webmaster restore or rebuild it.


Calculating lost business based on the period the website was unavailable may only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the real potential lost business. When you consider the impact of Loss of Visibility and Loss of Trust the real cost can be many times greater.


When website are hacked or compromised, Search Engines are fast to remove them from their listings. Your website may also be added to various blacklists resulting in warnings about them being unsafe site. You will need to request each one review your site to confirm that its now safe and even after you do all this, there is no guarantee that you will recover your previous Search Engine rankings.


If you website is down for an extended period of time there will naturally be diminished trust in that business. The impact of this loss of trust will be greater for websites that handled customer information or accepted online payments. The online reputation of professional businesses such as Accountants or Legal professionals will be most affected.


One of the more difficult things to calculate is the cost of the loss of data. The impact on the business can range from inconvenience to devastation with long lasting financial and even legal consequences. 70 percent of small businesses go out of business within a year of a large data loss incident.

Break-n-Fix vs. Management

Most businesses operate in a break-n-fix paradigm with regard to their website, yet the same business owner would never neglect to have the oil and water checked in their car, and would never consider driving on bald tires or with a broken headlight. Just like your car, your website needs to be regularly serviced and maintained, and also like your car preventative maintenance can save you a small fortune in repairs and help avoid being off the road.

It’s time to get proactive about protecting your website


Our Website Management team use all the latest management tools and support systems to monitor and secure your website, but when it comes to actually updating your website, they are hands-on because the automation tools are not yet perfect. If something does go wrong, your virtual Webmaster is able to fix it immediately or roll back the update until a solution is found and implemented.

  • Hourly Monitoring
  • Daily Checking
  • CMS Management
  • Malware Scanning
  • Broken Link Detection
  • Check Security Logs
  • Check Backup Logs
  • Monthly Off-site Backup
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Proactive Security
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Full Management Reporting
  • Free Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Update Check Lists
  • Priority Support


Virtual Website Manager


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We can provide Website Management for most Websites for $200 per month

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Website Management is subject to suitability assessment and resource availability


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YES, We love digital currency and can accept most digital currencies traded on popular exchanges including privacy coins.
We also accept QUIN.

We can potentially support all CMS platforms if we can find suitably qualified webmasters. If you have a less popular CMS then finding someone to support it is not as easy and may cost more.

Yes, our Website management team manually check all managed websites on a daily basis. We use smart tools and services to monitor your website but we do not rely on them. Most smart update tools will take a before and after “picture” of the website when updated and create an alert when there is a change. This is useful but there is no substitute for manually checking.

When there is a conflict or an update breaks something our Website Management team will immediately roll back the update and spend up to 30 minutes attempting to resolve the issue. If thy are unable to find a solution the issue will be escalated to the Website Manager.

When there are security concerns we will update the website immediately, otherwise, most normal updates are done once a week after a full backup, and at an agreed time outside of your business hours to minimise any potential disruption. Your Website Manager will discuss a website update schedule with you.

Preventative Maintenance – Our Website Management team receive daily reports and alerts for the website. On a weekly bases they will review the general health of the website including checking system resource usage, broken link detection, malware scanning and more.

Proactive Security – There have been a number of instances when a new and serious vulnerability is discovered and an interim manual patch is available before an official update is released. Our Website Management team monitor a number of security alert services and will apply manual patches when the threat is considered high.

The top cause of websites breaking, getting hacked or compromised is the failure of maintenance. Website management addresses this issue but the website may require additional security hardening. Security hardening will generally take about an hour for most websites. Our Website Manager will advise you if any additional website hardening is required.

One of the biggest issues with highly customised websites is they can lock you out of normal updates for the CMS and the changes may not be documented making support more challenging. If you do have a highly customised website we are happy to take a look and may be able to support it. We can document undocumented systems.

We can manage your website on your hosting but offer FREE Secure Cloud Hosting because we have more control over the security of your website. This will actually make the job of managing your website easier.

We do have limitations on the FREE hosting. Should your website exceed the resources or has special resource requirements you can discuss this with your Website Manager.

A daily backup report is generated and reviewed by the Website Management team. This indicates if the backup was completed successfully. Sounds very basic and it is, but you would be surprised at how few take the time to check the backup logs. Research from Avast found that 60% of backups are incomplete and even more concerning is that 50% of restores fail. Our own experience when assisting businesses in restoring their websites supports these findings.

Checking the back up logs in on Website Management daily checklist. We also include a monthly offsite backup to one of our servers or to a destination nominated by you.

We provide Web Support services for any updates and changes to your Website. The Website Management service does not include anything any tasks outside the scope of Website Management service.

Update Check Lists are part of our Change Management process and used by the Website Management team to confirm that any updates, changes or processors have completed successfully and have not caused any issues. Daily checking of the Backup logs is one of the Website Management teams daily Check List.

A check list can include checking basic functionality such as order or registration processes, You can discuss creating custom lists for your website with your Website Manager.

YES, you can use the Website Management team to update your site on a casual basis. Website Management is charged at the Web Assistant rate making it more affordable. The team can handle most issues around website updates but if something serious is encountered you may need a Virtual Webmaster.

The main idea behind the included 30-minute consultation is to discuss any issues related to Website Management but you can discuss anything else related to your online presence. You can send your Website Manager questions before the scheduled meeting so they can be better prepared to provide you with an answer.

We proudly support and promote Free and Open Source Software solutions when available.