Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Slow Websites Drive Away Customers

Don’t be driving a clunker while your competitors whiz past you on the information highway in the race to get customers!

How your website performs has to do with the experience that is being presented to the consumer. Your website can have the latest technology and fantastic graphics, but if the page is not loading fast, then you will drive traffic away from your business. Goodbye customer and goodbye money!

The fact is, people hate waiting. We are talking seconds. Your website pages should ideally load in under 4 seconds. If a page loads to slow, the average user will just close the browser window and move on to your competitor's site.

Users Remember When They Had A Poor Experience

and Search Engines Take Notice!

User experience is now a major factor in search engine ranking and slow loading pages are considered a key indicator of poor user experience.

Google not only tests the speed of every page it examines but also monitors how long a visitor stays on your site!

Slow loading pages will appear lower in Search Engine rankings and many of the pages of your site may not be indexed at all.

Stop driving away potential customers by having us speed up your website page load times

Risks of not optimizing the speed of your website?

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    Slow to load pages increase bounce rate (visitors leaving)
  • Search engines will place your page lower in search results
  • Many pages on your site may not even get indexed
  • Your existing customers will be frustrated
  • Potential new customers will leave 

Website Speed Optimization

We will speed up your entire website so that it loads faster

Only $159

Scroll down for a list of what is included

Website Speed Service is part of our FULL Website Tune-up & Service.

Website Tune-Up & Service Bundle

This FULL service will get your website ready for todays Information Super Highway

SSL Installation and configuration
Website General Clean-up




ONLY $495

Book your website in for our FULL tune-up and service now!

Our Website Speed Optimization Service Includes:

Improve User Experience

Fast loading pages will keep your visitors engaged and encourage them to explore more of your site. 

Improve Visibility

Fast loading pages are more likely to be indexed by search engines and will be ranked higher in search results.

Optimize Your Home Page

Your home page is where most of your visitors enter your site and will pay special attention to this page. 

Optimize Images

We will optimize images on the site reducing both the file size and in appropriate physical dimensions.

Minifying Javascript & CSS

We will optimize JavaScript and CSS code on your site so that it loads faster on all pages it referenced.  

Website Cache

We will check if you have a website cache (local or CDN) and can install and configure a local cache as part of the service. 

General Tweaks

Including disable hot-linking/leaching, increase WP memory limit, expire header to static resources, turn of pingbacks/trackbacks

Optimize Database

We will optimize your database to improve data access speed for for dynamic content.

System Review

We will review how your current hosting, CMS, theme, plugins and any third party services you have impact on performance.

Full Report

We will run full reports before and after the Website Speed Optimization services.

Scope and limitations of our Website Speed Optimization Service

This service is intended for Websites using the WordPress CMS - If you are using something else contact us.

We will perform a full backup before commencement which we will hold for roll back/recovery contingency.

The service is limited to 200 pages - if you have a larger site 

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