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Virtual Website Support

We have created Virtual Website Support made for small business.

Virtual Webmasters &
Web Savvy Assistants

Virtual Webmasters – websites fixed from $25.00

Web Savvy Assistants – tasks completed from $12.50

We accept 70% Qoin for all services

  • Minimum 15 minutes charge then only for the time used
  • Pay-As-You-Go, no contracts and no minimum monthly commitment
  • We provide Virtual Webmasters and Web Savvy Assistants when you need them
  • If we don’t have the resource you need, we will help you find it
  • All work supervised and checked by your personal Website Manager

A new and better way to get help with your website!

The way we do business has fundamentally changed with more being done online than ever before. More people are working remotely especially in the area of support. Virtual Website Support is a new decentralised support network specially created for Small Business providing them access to trusted Internet professional and specialists all working from home, but supported by The Virtual Webmaster Network.


When you use Virtual Web Support you get an entire team working for you.

Virtual Website Manager
AKA The Virtual Web Man

Personal Website Manager

Work Shop Manager

Super Powers

  • Website Management
  • Project Management
  • Internet Consulting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Work Supervision

All work is managed from start to finish by your Personal Website Manager.

Your Website Manager will find the resources you need from our network and supervise all work to ensure that your instructions are understood and being followed, then check all completed work before submitting it for your approval

Virtual Webmaster

Virtual Webmasers

Chief Mechanic

Super Powers

  • Internet Security
  • Coding and Editing
  • Fixing Broken Websites
  • Implementing new technology
  • Web Server and Database Management

Virtual Webmasters are fully qualified internet professionals and specialists that get their hands dirty under the bonnet.

Web Assistant

Web Savvy Assistants


Super Powers

  • Website Updates
  • Personal Assistant
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Back Office Processing
  • Social Media Management

There are many online tasks that do not require a webmaster. Web Assistants are internet savvy virtual assistants that can perform a range of tasks from general office support to regular updates of your website.

Web Assistants are a great for sites that require regular updating or maintenance. You will be surprised by how much our Web Assistants can do. Your Personal Website Manager can guide you on how to make use of Web Assistants to reduce Website support costs.

12 Reasons why to choose Virtual Website Support

Get Your Virtual Website Support Team Now!

Virtual Webmaster – $100 per hour
Web Savvy Assistants – $50 per hour

Our flexible 15-minute minimum charge for all our Virtual Workers makes it feasible to get those little things attended to.

A new and better way to get help with your website!


If you don’t find the answer to your question below CONTACT US HERE.

YES, we love digital currency and can accept most digital currencies traded on popular exchanges.
We also accept QUIN.

No, we understand that many people want to be able to pick up the phone and call for help but if you really think about your experiences with call centres they generally do not give you access to the qualified support you need.

This is because the call centre model uses what we call 1st level support who are seldom qualified and often follow scripts. As soon as there is an issue that deviates from the script or is technical they need to escalate it to 2nd level support (qualified) and even 3rd level support (expert).

Providing a call centre would add additional and unnecessary cost to the Virtual Website Support service which would need to be passed on to our clients. With Virtual Website support we have an online help desk to assess incoming support requests and direct them to the appropriate area. This will usually be your Website Manager who can call you if needed.

We can potentially support all CMS platforms if we can find suitably qualified webmasters. If you have a less popular CMS then finding someone to support it is not as easy and may cost more.

Sorry, our Web Support service is Pay-As-You-Go, we do not provide a 30 day account or other lines of credit.

When requesting support you will need to deposit sufficient funds with The Virtual Webmaster for the work request based estimate provided. You can deposit minimal funds for current work in progress or deposit a larger amount to cover any future work requests.

The choice is like driving around with the needle close to empty vs. filling the tank. Its entirely up to you!

The Virtual Webmaster will hold your funds until work is completed and approved by you, or for longer request or projects can make progress payments based on agreed upon milestones or specific dates.

We also provide the ability to create unlimited projects with project wallets. This allows you to allocate funds to specific projects that cannot be used for anything else.

So if there are insufficient funds for a project we will never transfer funds allocated for a different project without your permission.

Yes, you can request any unused funds be returned at any time less any financial institution fees.

Digital currencies – Funds are converted to AUD at the time of the deposit. It is that same AUD value in crypto that is refunded.

The Virtual Webmaster does not have any fees or handling charges for returning funds.

Everyone that works for The Virtual Webmaster has been back ground checked. We focus on confirming the identity, checking qualifications and work reputation.

Once these have been checked the Virtual Worker can join The Virtual Webmaster network but is still considered on probation and monitored closely until we are satisfied they are trustworthy and competent in accordance with our performance review process.

We implement very secure passwords of typically 20-30 random characters using the Roboform for Business password manager. We can allocate specific levels of access to specific virtual Workers including the ability for them to login without being able to see the actual password.

We also implement two factor authentication using a highly secure and trusted Free and Open Source Software called FreeOPT that works in a similar way to Google authenticator.

Estimates are at best educated guesses about how long something will take. Sometimes things that looked simple can blow out and things that looked difficult are resolved easily.

To avoid bill shock we have implemented a default one hour cap all new work requests after which you are sent a progress report with a revised work estimate and will need to approve further work. You have the option of overriding the default cap and set your own progress updates when submitting a new request.

The minimum work block allocation for our Virtual Works is 15 minutes. This means that you will be charged a minimum of 15 minutes for each virtual worker assigned to a work request.

If you submit a request that takes 10 minutes to complete you will be charged for the minimum of 15. If the request take 20 minutes to complete then you are only charge for 20 minutes.

If another Virtual Worker also works on the same request you will also be charged a minimum of 15 minutes for their work.

As often as you would like but please understand that stopping work to prepare even a simple work request will delay the completion of the request and you are paying for the time it takes to prepare the progress report. We recommend hourly progress reports for most work requests.

NO, the idea of Web Assistants is not to replace the role of a qualified webmaster. We will always assign suitably qualified virtual workers to work on your website, but with our Web Assistant you have the option of having less technical tasks assigned to them at half cost.

Speeding up a website is a job for a webmaster but if there are a lot of images that need to be optimised this part can be assigned to one of our experienced web assistants. This is a good example of a WIN-WIN because most of our webmasters don’t really like optimising images and are happy for a web assistant to do that part under their direction, and you save money.

Your Personal Website Manager can guide you on how to make use of Web Assistants to reduce Website support costs.

You have 72 hours to approve or reject work that has been submitted to you as completed from your Website Manager. If you do nothing the work request will automatically be approved and funds released to the virtual workers

If you are not happy with completed work for any reason simply reject it and discuss with your Website Manager who will review the work and if they missed something they will send it back to be fixed.

If the Website Manager believes the work has been completed in accordance with your instructions then they will explain this and if there was a misunderstanding they will attempt to come to a mutually acceptable solution.

In the event that you cannot reach agreement with your Website Manager a representative of The Virtual Webmaster will attempt to mediate a solution. Some of the options available to The Virtual Webmaster are assigning you a different Website Manager, issuing refunds and termination of service.

Your Website Manager does all the heavy lifting for you which is the whole point.

You are provided with dynamic reporting that allows you to get a snap shot of work in progress and the status of projects. This includes an online Virtual Time sheet that shows a breakdown of projects, tasks and individual virtual workers with time stamps up until the present.

Your Website Manager will send you custom reports related to Website Management, Performance and security.

Our Virtual Work Request system provides access to Work Requests with the ability to view work request histories and update current work requests.

We provide you with the ability to create projects with corresponding wallets for virtual allocation of fund making keeping track of budgets easy.

There was a time when I would get annoyed with businesses that added GST instead of hiding it in the price.

I now believe that everyone needs to be aware of how much they are paying in Government taxes.

We proudly support and promote Free and Open Source Software solutions when available.